Vehicle Shipping

We are specialists in transporting and exporting all types of Vehicles, Commercial trucks, vehicles of Special Interest and other RORO Heavy Cargo & Machinery.

General Freight

We have developed a worldwide network of Agents who understand the commitment required to service our demanding market.


Marine Cargo Cover in brief

A) Client Code Application Form
NZCS 224 July 2014 (198 KB)
B) Credit Application
Credit Application (21 KB)
C) Personal Effects Form
Personal effects form (184 KB)
D) Supplier Code Form
Supplier Code Form (112 KB)
E) Australia Private Vehicle Approval
Australia Private vehicle approval (165 KB)
F) Australia Vehicle Approval
Australia vehicle approval (355 KB)
G) Increases To Import Entry Fees From 1 August 2013
Increases to Import Entry Fees from 1 August 2013 (149 KB)
H) Jacanna Terms and Conditions
Jacanna Terms and Conditions (35 KB)