General Freight

We have developed a worldwide network of Agents who understand the commitment required to service our demanding market.

Boats / Commercials

Small commercial vehicles that are under 25cbm in size are covered under our normal Car import door-to-door service.

Vehicle Shipping

We are specialists in transporting and exporting all types of Vehicles, Commercial trucks, vehicles of Special Interest and other RORO Heavy Cargo & Machinery.


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Commercial vehicles / trucks  that are over 20cbm in size – just as easy to ship

We can provide the methods to transport / ship these types of larger commercial vehicles.

RORO service is the preferred way to move this type of cargo and we can make available to you our wide-range of options.

Specialising in imports from Japan and with strong connections from our extensive worldwide network.

From all over the globe, bringing you a safe and reliable delivery to your neighbourhood in NZ.


We can determine what is the most economical way to transport your cargo and offer you best options.

RORO if cargo can be rolled onto the ship

Flat Rack container where the item will be then loaded onto a container ship.

If the cargo item can’t be placed into a container but it can be ‘broken down’ or partially dismantled. Most times this can be the most cost effective and economical way to ship heavy machinery and equipment internationally.  There are costs to dismantle and reassemble equipment at both ends of transit but these can be beneficial considering import duty declared as ‘part’ rather than a fully assembled item.


Getting quotes can take time and could bring you uncertainty. This normally leads to you giving up on the whole idea of importing your beloved boat.  We here at Jacanna hope to offer you reassurance and understanding of such a process.  Making a decision on as much accurate information as we can get, we will do everything we can to make sure you have the proper guidance and information, so when the time is right for you to make your decision, you can do so with confidence.  With our experience and connections to prepare all shipping logistics and documentation to transport and ship your boat, we will do so and look after your boat as it is our own.

We Pride ourselves on being able to provide our diverse range of customers with a complete boat transport and marine freight service.

      Arrival and Delivery from NZ port

  •   From ship to wharf (on cradle)
  •   From wharf then by road – we can organise delivery to anywhere in New Zealand
  •   Subject to MPI clearance the boat can be delivered directly to water and we can arrange for the cradle to be delivered elsewhere or disposed of.